Saturday, 13 February 2010

Review: Google Nexus One

We say:

When Google announced the Nexus One on the 5th of January the tech world was awash with rumours that they were about to revolutionise the cell-phone industry. In reality they just announced their own iPhone competitor, and a pretty good one at that.

The consensus seems to be it's a pretty nice piece of kit, despite suffering a few teething troubles. Running the home-grown Android operating system it has access to Google's latest and greatest, including in-built turn by turn GPS, voice-to-text and the usual array of downloadable apps. With the latest update bringing multi-touch support and fixing some 3G issues the software side looks generally good. However Android is still seen to be lacking in the music and media management department, where it's certainly not up to iPhone standards.

Hardware-wise the phone is impressive, sporting a high-resolution touch sensitive AMOLED screen which is an accurate capacitive model and the new snappy Snapdragon processor powering the phone. The camera seems to produce decent images and the phone has a nifty second microphone for noise-cancelling and therefore clearer call quality.

If the iPhone isn't for you, or if you're interested in trying out an Android phone, then it seems the Nexus One is hard to beat.

Google's Nexus one is available at for $530 without a contract or $179 with T-Mobile in the States. A contract model will be coming to Vodafone in Europe sometime this spring.

They say:

'Incredibly fast, Gorgeous screen ...if you want to jump on Android, it's safe to do so now.'

'...class-leading processor, vibrant display, sexy shell, and just a sprinkling of geekiness that only Google could pull off this effortlessly.'

'the Nexus One has no obvious flaws or compromises. The phone is the state of the art in mobile, and I will use it happily.'

The Nexus One is a great phone, easily one of the best Android models we've used. There are thousands of apps available, the touchscreen is smooth and fluid - but the reality is that the overall experience has a few low points.'

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